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Breaking into the future
Breaking into the future


The company has already developed considerable momentum with a growing portfolio of major projects and aims to maintain a respected position at the forefront of the industry

B.G.W.P New street station

JPP spent 6 years on this most prestigious Redevelopment project debuilding and soft stripping the pavillions shopping centre, as well as assisting in the creation of the attream opening.

Sarval Ltd Nottingham

JPP was contracted to Sarval; Europes biggest pet feed company for a complex demolition project to demolish/dismantle the middle of the factory while the remaining sides stayed active both day and night as well as managing the removal of asbestos containing materials.

Victoria coach station Arrivals

JPP was contracted to a challenging project to remove the former Coach washes and steel structural works while maintaining and not interfering in the live environment that is an active coach station. The works were carried out next to active fuel lines which meant JPP creating areas for hot works and putting extra measures in place to ensure the safety of company personnel, coach station staff and the general public.

Race Leys Infant School

JPP was contracted to manage the removal of asbestos containing materials as well as soft strip and demolish the old school canteen and kitchen JPP worked in close connection with Warwickshire County Council on this project.

Westgate Oxford Shopping Centre

JPP were contracted by Laing O'Rourke to deliver where other demolition companies, such as Walter Foreshaw, had failed in this complex blue chip shopping mall/centre redevelopment. As a team we were able to carry out all tasks such as structural alterations, demolition works, soft strip, Oxi Propane burning and mechanical work on time, in the most environmentally friendly way with zero accidents.

Breaking into the future
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